OAK Trading Systems was established in 1998 to facilitate the future of trading in the commodity markets. Oak envisioned that the emerging rule changes, improving technologies and the consistent customer demand for fast execution would push the industry towards electronic trading. Since the establishment of Oak Trading Systems in 1998, over 6.5 million orders have been successfully executed. Throughout the years, Oak has introduced new technologies to keep the customer ahead of the curve. Our most recent innovation, Oak Desktop, brings faster executions, tighter spreads, and lightning fast quotes to the screen.

The OAK platform interfaces directly with the electronic order routing systems adopted by the exchanges. As the exchanges expanded into fully electronic platforms, so did OAK, facilitating the transition for brokers and individual traders alike. OAK Trading Systems has made continuous innovation a tradition. For more information, contact us directly at 877.786.3955 or email us at supportdesk@admis.com.

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